What! Women are still faking pregnancies

Dear Diary,


What in the world is happening with women …seriously.  I heard something on the radio this morning and it made me sick to my stomach.  There is some trifling site called Fakeababy.com, yes you read that right, it’s a website that sells things to help trifling ass women fake a pregnancy.  What is the world coming to and what is wrong with women.


I can’t believe with all the advancements women have made there are still women running around here trying to trap a man. Honey a pregnancy will help you lose a man, not get one. If you don’t believe me, check out how many single mothers are running around here. Ladies have you no shame? I’m embarrassed for anyone who feels she has to stoop to this kind of level to get/keep some dude.


Not only are women faking pregnancies, women are also dressing more and more like whores. You may not be a whore but a lot of you are wearing whore attire and you need to stop. Have a little respect for yourself, just because celebrities wear this mess on stage does not mean that you need to also. And let’s discuss these damn celebrities. I’m so sick of Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and everyone else talking about how the industry exploits women and determine what’s sexy and yet every time I see them they are dressed like some 1980’s street-walker.  Seriously!  Stop it!


If you want to wear little to nothing on stage then wear it, but own it, don’t blame it on the industry. Alicia Keys is as big a star as anyone and yet she finds the time to get dressed and she always has, so I call bullshit on the excuses these celebrities use to justify their attire.  All you regular girls out here, put on some clothes, no one wants to see your ass or breasts and honestly, aint nothing cute about it. Let me tell you a secret, if you’re sexy, you can be sexy in a potato sack, being naked does not constitute sexy. It actually screams you don’t have any confidence in your self and you have to rely on your body to pull someone.


We are women, we are amazing, beautiful, funny, smart, dedicated, loving, sweet, bitchy, relatable, tired, angry, nurturing and so many other things. What we need not continue to be is desperate, stupid, trifling and ridiculous. So I implore you ladies to just. STOP

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Ciciely Hickmon, a writer, has been giving advice for decades. She has published articles in Lancaster Today under the pseudonym Madelyn Raimes, and is a contributing writer for the Examiner. She lives in Red Oak, Texas; Dear Diary is her first novella.
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